Who is Saffron & Blueberry?

I'm Hilda and I'm a film editor and post-producer.* (This is when you all say "Hi Hilda" in unison).

Born in Iran and raised in France and the US, I've since lived on both coasts of the US and in Paris, and now live in London with my husband A., children, dogs and the cat.

My mother never baked a single thing in her life -nor did my grandmother come to think of it- yet she cooked brilliant Persian food while I was growing up. I'd like to thank my older sister for giving me my very first cookbook when I was 10, from which I promptly made only the desserts (come on, I was 10).
Everything I make on this blog is an experiment in one way or another. I try to spare you the spectacular failures that occur in my kitchen (of which there are many, believe me), but the rest is pretty much up for grabs.
I love photography and freelance as a lifestyle and travel photographer when I'm not working on films.

This isn't a dessert blog; there are savory things if you dig around in here, somewhere, but I just like to cook whereas I love to bake. Oh and I have a terrible sweet tooth, that might explain it too. Sometimes I even talk about other things than food or I just post photographs.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I would love any and all feedback.
You can get in touch with me by email at saffronandblueberry@gmail.com, through my contact page on my photography portfolio here, on Twitter @saffronberry or on Flickr here,

*Please don't email me your great idea/treatment/script/doodles or anything else for a movie. You'd be surprised how everyone on earth has a great idea for a movie, seriously.